How to: Stretch Your Shoes with Ice

6 Jul

We all know the feeling of having to throw away your favourite pair of shoes because they’ve suddenly gotten tighter or smaller… until now. This is a simple and affordable way to stretch your shoes up a half, or a full size!

You will need:

–       2 plastic sandwich baggies

–       Water

–       A freezer

–       Shoes (leather or fake leather work best, but any material will do)

Step 1: Fill the sandwich baggie, about one quarter full, with water. Seal the bags tight, the last thing we want is flooded shoes.

Step 2: Place the baggies in each shoe, making sure the water in the baggie reaches the front of the toe and the sides of the shoe.

Step 3: Put your water-filled shoe in the freezer, and wait until the water freezes. This process should take about two hours. Make sure you notify someone that there are shoes in the freezer, just in case!

Step 4: After the water is frozen, remove the shoes from the freezer and let them thaw for a good twenty minutes. Slide the baggies out and wipe down any left over water in the shoe (this shouldn’t cause any damage to the inside of the shoe).

Step 5: Try on your new and improve shoes! They should feel snug and comfortable.

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