Final Project Ideas

6 Jul

Project Pitch #1

My first final project idea is to create a bucket list for each city, including about 5 tasks to do in every place we visit. When completing the tasks, I’ll both take pictures or film doing it, and put them together at the end. I’ll make the tasks realistic, but at the same time, ambitious. I came up with this idea because I want to make the most of this trip. I sometimes have trouble opening my mind up to new things, and I think a bucket list will really test myself and my adventurous side, while still being sensible.

Project Pitch #2

My second pitch is to create a blog about the best spots in each city. This blog would include everything from shopping, eating, site seeing, entertainment, accommodations, etc. I would take pictures, write reviews and critiques, film “vlogs” and more to put together a travel guide-blog for other people to read or watch. I don’t want to go to Italy to eat McDonalds (but being totally honest, I probably will once or twice) so I want to discover small cafes, boutiques, street music and kiosks and share them with other people that are traveling to Europe.


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