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30 Jun

Media List:

Book – The Teen Vogue Handbook

The Teen Vogue Handbook has everything and anything you need to know about the fashion industry and how to make your way to the top.  This influenced what I want to do when I grow up and what schools/programs to apply to when high school is finished. This book gives great advice from the editors, designers, celebrities and models and it provides different perspectives and insights.

Movie – Harry Potter series

I was never really a fan of the Harry Potter series until my mom made me watch them all on the car ride to Florida, and then visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter while we were there. These movies had such an impact on me, and they reminded me that you’re never too old to have an imagination. They got me so excited even though the storyline is hard to relate to, and watching them made me wish that I went to Hogwarts!

Song – Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine

This song will forever put me in a good mood. It’s a song about finding happiness and leaving your past behind, and I think turning over a new leaf is something I can relate to. This song made me realize you have to find happiness wherever you can. Check it out.

Book – If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Yes, it is a children’s book, but it got me thinking. I had a whole class discussion about this book and topic in my grade ten English class, and we all stirred up a bunch of “what if” questions. Questions about how things work, and if a certain something didn’t actually happen, where would we all be today? It really got me thinking about those questions you ask, that just boggle your mind, and that no one really has a clear answer for. “Everything happens for a reason” was the main topic of conversation, and how things happen to people and affect the whole world.

Ad – Dove Commercial

The Dove commercial where they have the woman having a “make over” for a photo shoot and she looks like a completely different person by the time all of her hair, makeup and photo-shop is complete. It blew my mind that with just the right amount of work, you can make anyone look “perfect” and how the models in ads that we see don’t actually look “perfect” in real life. But, young girls everywhere are pressured to look that way. I love what Dove stands for; real, natural beauty and embracing your body for what it is! Click here to watch it.

Ad – Molson Canadian’s “Made From Canada” commercial

Okay so I know I’m under-age, but this commercial is all about being Canadian, and whenever it comes on TV, I feel so proud to be Canadian! I’m a strong believer in knowing where you come from and being proud of it, and I think this commercial depicts what Canadians are all about (for the most part). There’s stereotypes of Canadians living in igloos and having polar bears as pets, but this commercial sets those straight.


 Opportunity List:

Fashion Magazine & Calvin Klein Beauty – “It Touches Everything” Photo Contest:

  • Participants submit creative photographs to Fashion Magazine, each submitter gets a 2ml Calvin Klein fragrance rollerball
  • One grand prize winner will receive a $1000 shopping spree at, a Calvin Klein Fragrances gift basket, 6 month Calla lily deliveries from a local flower shop (1 delivery/month), a spa day at a local spa, and a 3 year subscription to FASHION Magazine (total prize value $2500). Two runners-up will receive a Calvin Klein Fragrances gift basket and a one year subscription to FASHION Magazine (total prize value $500)
  • All entries must be made by November, 18th by 5:00pm

Seveteen Magazine’s “Pretty Amazing” Cover-Girl Conest:

  • Submit an essay to Seventeen Magazine about why you’re amazing, your passions and hobbies and what you love to do
  • Deadline is April 30th, 2011 (closed), the grand prize is to be featured on the cover of the October 2011 issue of Seventeen Magazine

Glamour – My Real-Life Story Essay Contest:

  • Submit the story of your life to Glamour Magazine
  • You get a chance to win $5000, have your story published in Glamour Magazine and the opportunity to talk with a literary agent
  • One entry per person (eighteen and older), closed August 15th, 2011


29 Jun

MUSE #1:  The Beach

The warmth of the sand squishing between your feet and the cool, crispness of the water when your toes first hit the waves is relaxation at it’s finest. The sound of the ocean’s breeze and the feeling of the sun’s heat on your skin is unlike anything. To me, being on the beach is one of the best places to be to relax, have fun, clear your mind, and get inspired.

I get inspired by the beach because it is such a contrasting environment from where I live. It inspires me to live more untroubled, it inspires my clothing, and it inspires me to do more. Whenever I’m on the beach I feel the urge to learn how to surf, create a sea-shell collection, appreciate the outdoors more and shop for bathing-suits and short-shorts.

The lifestyle of people who live by or on the beach is so care-free and happy. It’s something that I’m not used to because of where I live. The vibe and style of being down by the beach is laid back and trendy and it is an atmosphere I someday want to live in.

MUSE #2: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is someone who I look up to for guidance on my career path; ever since watching her on reality TV shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills, I aspire to do the same thing. Not the reality TV shows, of course, but the fashion/Public Relations and media side of her career.

I am interested in the media and marketing side of fashion, rather than the designing part. Lauren interned at Teen Vogue at the beginning of her career path, which I think would be the coolest thing and it really gave her a lot of experience and knowledge of the fashion industry. Then she worked for Kelly Cutrone who owns her own fashion PR company called People’s Revolution. This is where I got my own career path inspiration and when I realized I want to do exactly that.

Lauren is intelligent and a good role model because of her ambition and goals. She inspires me to be driven and to know what I want and to not let anything get in my way!

MUSE #3: Clothing

As a huge shopper and fashionista, I don’t really have a specific style, so everywhere I go I am inspired by people’s clothing. Whether it be people from downtown Toronto or from Italy, a celebrity or a person from my school I am always checking people’s outfits and how they put things together.

It’s something about the different styles and colours that get me so excited, as lame as that sounds, and they make me want to try new things. I like all styles, like girly, bohemian, punk-ish, nautical… I could go on for days. I also love to see a clothing piece that I own on someone else who wears it differently, its like seeing my closet from a different perspective.

Being in a mall is like a little kid in a candy shop for me, I could shop for days upon days because, yeah I may not “need” more clothes per say, but I most definitely WANT them. I’m always scoping out new trends and styles and new clothes!

MUSE #4: Music

My music taste is all over the map, which is what I love most about music, it is limitless. I think the different genres of music bring people together, and it has a sort of social aspect to it. It’s something that can connect people, it’s a conversation-starter and it’s something that can put you in a good mood no matter what.

I tend to stay away from the more mainstream music, just because it’s not really my cup of tea. But I do like some of it! I like bands like Mumford and Sons, Foster the People, Matchbox 20, and Phoenix. These bands and their music come with me everywhere; they fix my boredom when I’m on the bus ride home from school, they make any party worthwhile, they allow me to have something in common with different people, and they add fun to cleaning my room when I blast music.

To me, music is so universal and has so much power on people and that inspires me to do more and to be more. Artists and band members inspire me to work hard for what I want, and remind me that just because I’m not good in math, doesn’t mean I’m doomed for the rest of my life!

MUSE #5: Family

My crazy family inspires me, I mean, how could they not? I’m with them 24/7 and I learn so much from each of them. My mom and dad have taught me everything I know that I can apply to everything I do. My two brothers (aside from the fact that they bug me sometimes) are there when I need them most. And my grandma reminds me of the importance of family, and knowing that she’s there for me is comforting.

Most of all my family inspires me to have an impact on people the way they have an impact on me. I hope to raise a family when I’m older and my parents, grandparents, and brother inspire me to have a family just like the one I have now. My brothers and I are different, but I like that because when we find similarities, we bond over them and we get closer. I learn so much from my family about how to be a better person and I hope to one day pass that knowledge onto a family of my own.

MEI Media in the Medditerran

23 Jun

Europe countdown: 15 days

It’s getting so CLOSE!